Traditional Late-March Snow

I was done with winter. Just wanted it to be over.

Then the snow started falling, and I couldn’t resist heading out for one last (I hope!) snow ride:

A snow-covered sign at Lone Elm Park.

Looks like a winter wonderland at Lone Elm Park.

Poor little daffodils weren’t expecting this!

As the snow began sticking to the roads, the washboarded gravel road really stood out. It’s not much fun if you happen to find yourself bouncing over that.

I was all smiles, riding though falling snow one last time this season.

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I enjoy riding bicycles all over -- city streets, suburbia, rural roads, gravel roads, dirt roads, rail-trails, and singletrack. I love exploring the countryside and finding the interesting and historical treasures hidden in plain sight. You can follow my rides on Strava.

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  1. Mercedes
    May 6, 2011

    We headed back to the ski hill here in Toronto in late March!!! I have never tried cycling in the snow but may consider it next winter. Glad you felt happy.

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