2018 Wrap-Up

2018 is in the books. As always, I did a meticulous job of tracking my numbers:

  • 5751 miles biking
  • 377 miles running
  • 136 miles walking

I hit my goal of 5200 miles on the bike (100 miles per week). With no big tours, my overall mileage was down a bit from recent years, but I got to ride most every day, Bike miles were split pretty evenly between the Retrospec Amok (1862), Diamondback Response XE29 (1708), and the Nashbar 4050 (1523), with the new Salsa Journeyman getting a good chunk at the end of the year (524).

2018 was my first year of running regularly, and it went pretty well. I exceeded my modest goal of 260 miles (5 miles per week), and hit my stretch goal of 1 mile per day. I was on pace for quite a few more miles, but I slacked off in October, November, and December. But I survived the year injury-free, and I’m now running roughly 10-minute miles, so I’m happy with that. Next year, maybe up the

Walking was mostly trail maintenance work, walking behind a mower or sprayer. Speaking of trail work, I logged 677 hours at Lehigh Portland Trails in 2018, in a mixture of trail-building, trail maintenance, and habitat restoration. It’s rewarding work, and I’m privileged to be able to contribute to our local trail system.

Here’s my VeloViewer summary image, with data courtesy of Garmin and Strava:

On the data-tracking front, I also enjoyed FetchEveryone, a wonderful online community, mostly focused on running, but works great for cycling, too.

For 2019, the goals are pretty much the same: 5200 miles on the bike, and 365 running. Active every day, one way or another. Hopefully some bike touring and/or bikepacking!

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