Flint Hills Bike Tour Packing List

Just documenting what I took on the Adventure Monkey Flint Hills Photo-Cycling Tour:

Bike & Gear:

Camping Gear:

Clothing & Personal:

This is basically the same kit as some of my previous tours, except a new pillow, extra outer shorts, and panniers instead of one large duffel bag.

The gear was organized with the sleeping bag in one rear pannier, the sleeping pad & pillow in the other, the tent on the rear rack, clothing in one front pannier, and electronics/sandals/toiletries in the other, and some miscellaneous items spread around in various panniers. Despite persistent rain, everything stayed pretty dry.

Total: About 66 pounds for loaded bike plus gear, not including water bottles. Probably about 34-35 pounds for the bike itself…

I’m pretty happy with the list, except that I’d like a smaller/lighter tent and smaller/lighter sleeping bag. Plus, for true self-supported, I’d need to come up with a cooking kit (stove, pots, utensils, etc.) and perhaps warmer clothing options.

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