Moran Meander

I headed over to the neighboring community of Moran, Kansas to do a bit of exploring by bike. I’ve ridden some of the roads around there, but by no means all of them.

Moran is in eastern Allen County, at the intersection of US-54 and US-59 highways. The country surrounding Moran is farmland, primarily field crops, along with some ranching. The terrain is mostly pretty flat, bit there are some hills to the north and east.

My ride took me on a winding route northeast, north, and northwest of town, all on gravel roads. It had rained earlier in the week, and skies had been gray all week long, so the gravel was still wet in places. Most of the roads were smooth, but the county road crew had spread fresh gravel in a few places, which made for slow going.

Here’s my Strava activity:

I quite enjoyed this route. There are no standout attractions, but the countryside is pretty and the route passes through the ghost town of Bayard. The sun was out early in the ride, but clouds moved in as the day progressed, with sprinkles beginning to fall as I wrapped up the ride. The clouds did make for some nice photos, though:

Cattle bones in a pasture near Moran, Kansas.
A quiet little pond near Moran, Kansas.
The ruins of the Bayard Schoolhouse near Bayard, Kansas.
The decrepit old M.K.T. Depot in Bayard, Kansas.
A long, straight gravel road in Allen County, Kansas.
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