2017 Cup O’ Dirt Challenge Accepted

I’m in for the 2017 Cup O’ Dirt Challenge — six unpaved imperial centuries (100 miles) or twelve unpaved metric centuries (100km) during the calendar year. I completed the 2016 campaign successfully, and it was a great inspiration to keep riding long throughout the year.

The rides can be anything you want them to be — gravel roads, minimum maintenance roads, limestone rails-to-trails, singletrack, cow paths — as long as the route is at least 80% unpaved. The rides can be gravel events, group rides, or solo excursions, races, training rides, tours, or meandering rambles. Part of the fun, for me, is concocting new routes and seeing new countryside, so I tend to get out and ride solo, but I’m not opposed to some company.

Who’s going to join me this year and earn your very own honor and glory?

Sign up at https://cupodirtchallenge.com/

DirtBum Written by:

I enjoy riding bicycles all over -- city streets, suburbia, rural roads, gravel roads, dirt roads, rail-trails, and singletrack. I love exploring the countryside and finding the interesting and historical treasures hidden in plain sight. You can follow my rides on Strava.