Bike Camping, July 25-26

This was actually my first self-supported bike camping experience. I’ve done bike-camping trips before (Katy Trail & Biking Across Kansas), but never carrying my own gear.

I own both a trailer (the Nashbar knockoff of the famous BOB trailer) and panniers (Nashbar again), but I went with the trailer for this trip. I rode with a group that met up in Olathe, then rode together to Hillsdale Lake State Park, where we camped overnight in tents, then packed ’em up and rode back the next day. A nice little overnighter:

More info: KC Bike Commuting, commuterDude, Jason Brown

Thanks Noah for putting this ride together!

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  2. September 8, 2010

    […] down to Hillsdale Lake for an overnight bake-camping trip (similar to the one I accompanied them on last year. I wasn’t planning to camp out, since I’ll get plenty of that on my trip, but […]

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