Pics From Recent Rides

Not a lot to write about recently. Weather’s been spotty, but I’ve gotten out for a few rides. Here are some pictures:

This was taken at the lake at Kill Creek Park on a cool but sunny day.

This is from Lone Elm Park (which I’ve written about before). The “Lone Elm” lamppost signs are new. There are three different designs: a wagon train, an Indian, and this soldier. Impressive.

This is me on a bridge in Miami County. You can’t really see it from that image, but the trees are starting to bud and the land is starting to green up. And it’s warm enough for shorts!

I’m not sure what these tiny purple flowers are called, but they entirely cover some fields. Very pretty.

Like my “kickstand”? That’s just the bike leaning against a stick stuck in the ground. The Long Haul Trucker’s back triangle has a nice place to prop a stick against. Works great (as long as there are surdy sticks to be found nearby).

Somehow, when taking the bike-in-the-field shot, I managed to walk through a patch of cuckleburrs…

Hopefully, I’ll have some rides coming up that’ll be more post-worthy!

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I enjoy riding bicycles all over -- city streets, suburbia, rural roads, gravel roads, dirt roads, rail-trails, and singletrack. I love exploring the countryside and finding the interesting and historical treasures hidden in plain sight. You can follow my rides on Strava.


  1. Jerry Brick
    April 20, 2009

    Hey nice pics,and at least your getting out on the bike. I can’t wait to start getting in some long epic rides!

  2. Doug W
    April 25, 2009

    OK, It’s time for you to check out the Flint Hills Nature Trail between Osawatomie and Ottawa again. You can get on the trail at the western city limits of Osawatomie and ride to within 4 miles of Ottawa on the trail. Yes, you still have to walk your bike across Indianapolis because the county is still refusing to remove the bridge abutments and you have to ride across a hay meadow near Rantoul. We are applying for a grant to help us complete this trail to Ottawa by the end of the year. Oh, we are having a volunteer trail workday this Saturday, May 2 at 212 First Street in Osawatomie, to prepare bridge rail posts for installation. Everyone is welcome. Enjoy the scenery and the ride.

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