Chiba GelPro Gloves

Perhaps I’m just easily impressed, but I think this is rather brilliant.

I bought a pair of Chiba on eBay. Haven’t ridden with them yet, so I can’t comment on their ride qualities, but they have one feature that just kicks butt.

Between the first and second fingers, and between the third and fourth fingers, there’s a little fabric loop. This bit of material doesn’t seem to get in the way, and doesn’t restrict finger movement at all, but it makes it very easy to take the gloves off.

Most short-fingered cycling gloves are kind of a pain to take off. You either have to turn the glove inside out, or individually scootch each finger through the glove.

No more! Just pull in the little loops, and the glove comes right off! Quick and easy.

Chiba Gloves

OK, you still have to scootch the thumb, but at least the fingers are easy!

Yah, I am easily impressed…

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  1. J P
    May 16, 2011

    I have used these road and some MTB riding for years and think they are the best as far as comfort, durability, ease of use.

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