States I’ve Biked

An ongoing list of states where I’ve ridden a bike (as of the end of 2018):

Here are some details:

I rode in Flagstaff, Phoenix, and Tempe on a 2011 trip: Southwestern Road Trip
I’ve ridden in northwest Arkansas, near Eureka Springs and Bentonville
I rode around San Diego on a 2011 trip: Southwestern Road Trip
Rode very briefly at St. Pete’s Beach.
Rode on USBR66
I rode a bit in Newton in 2018.
Duh. Kansas counties I’ve biked in
I’ve ridden quite a bit in Lafayette County (where I grew up), as well as in the Kansas City area and bordering regions north and south, as well as a bit in the Mark Twain National Forest. I rode the Katy Trail in 2007, and a 2015 tour took me across the northern tier of the state and back on the Katy.
I have family in southeastern Nebraska, and so have ridden in Beatrice, Elk Creek, Fairbury, Lincoln, Nebraska City, and Rulo.
New Mexico
I rode in Santa Fe and Albuquerque on a 2011 trip: Southwestern Road Trip
I’ve ridden briefly in Muskogee, and in the far northeast corner.
I’ve taken trips to Texas a couple times, and have ridden in the Dallas metro, Farmersville, Mineola, Pittsburg, and Paris.
I rode a bit in southwest WI in 2018.

Counties Biked

And here are the counties where I’ve biked:

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