Giant Acapulco

This was very much a project bike. I bought it at a garage sale, and it was a frame and not much more. I had to add wheels, shifters, brakes, brake levers, derailleurs, etc. I believe it is a 1995 model.

It’s a decent little bike for what it is. Rigid. Will handle up to 26×2.4 tires. Can be setup geared or singlespeed (I’ve ran it both ways). Can handle some light touring.

This bike was intended to be a stop-gap until I got a “good” mountain bike, and I guess it’s filled that duty. Most of its use has been as a trail-building bike. taking me back and forth to the local trails, hauling tools.

Giant Acapulco Stats

  • Mileage: ~3100 miles
  • Eddington Miles: 19┬ámiles
  • Eddington Minutes: 71 minutes

Stats thru the end of 2018

Giant Acapulco Photos