My 2017 Kandango Trip Report

Over on Kansas Cyclist, I posted some words and images about the 2017 Kandango Tour. This is the third year I’ve done this supported 4-day/3-night tour of the Flint Hills. Always a wonderful place to ride.

I rode my Nashbar Gravel Bike, and it did fine. Kandango was offering some gravel routes this year, but I stuck to the pavement with my friend Lori, though we did get a bit of gravel road riding on the pre-tour trip.

This was the best photo of the trip:

It was taken atop¬†Coronado Heights, an overlook near Lindsborg, where you can see a great distance in all directions. It’s an amazing place on the plains!

By the way, the “gravel” roads near Lindsborg featured far more sand (or at least extremely small rock) than I’m familiar with. And in places, the sand was fresh, making the road very treacherous. Very different from the limestone gravel I’m¬†accustomed to. It’d be interesting to do some longer gravel rides in the area, and see how typical that surface is there…


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