Birthday Ride: Buffalo Rose

I headed out for a gravel ride this afternoon, planning to ride only about 40 miles. But with pleasant sunshine and mild temperatures, I just kept pedaling and knocked out more than enough to satisfy the “ride your age” demands of the birthday ride tradition. One of these years I’ll have to drop back to kilometers instead of miles, but not yet!

I rode out of Yates Center, then southwest to Woodson State Fishing Lake, southeast to Buffalo, then back north, passing through tiny Rose on the way back to YC. The gravel was mostly fast and smooth, with a few sections of slightly tacky mud, and a minimum of freshly-plowed rock.

Strava activity: Birthday Ride: Buffalo Rose. I was feeling pretty good, so ended up with a nice pace.

Incidentally, this is a great little route, very scenic and remote, with low traffic and some challenging hills. However, if you try to follow this route on your own, be sure to carry plenty of snacks and water, because there are no services whatsoever along this route!

Here’s some photos from the ride:

The wind didn’t feel super-strong, but it was making the flags at Woodson State Fishing Lake stand out straight!
The stonework on the dam at Woodson State Fishing Lake was constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s.
There are some nice hills in Woodson County. Here, the road curves down from atop a ridge.
Infinite shades of brown in the prairie grasses and trees.
It’s hard to convey in a photo, but the grass-covered ridges looked like soft sand dunes in the late-afternoon winter sun.
Hometown bricks in downtown Buffalo. The Buffalo Brick Plant produced bricks and tile from 1902 through 1966.
Presumably, this is the old Rose schoolhouse. Sturdy.


This is “Kalida Castle” near Yates Center. It’s a real shame that this unique and obscure bit of Kansas history is not a state or county historic site.


The always-lovely Woodson County Courthouse. I’m not sure what teddy bears on carnival rides have to do with Christmas, though.


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