Ramble With Me

FYI, over on Kansas Cyclist I posted a sort of travelogue of a ride I did as part of the 30 Days of Biking Challenge: Ramble With Me.

Today is day #21 of the 2012 30 Days Of Biking challenge, and for this edition, rather than trying to find one image that summarizes the day, I’ll bring you along on a long meandering type ride I call a “ramble”.

This ride ended up being 74 miles, starting at my home in rural Johnson County, Kansas, and heading south into Miami County, on a mixture of paved roads, gravel roads, and minimum-maintenance roads.

This is typically the type of post I’d normally put here on DirtBum, but I wanted to share this type of riding with a slightly wider audience, so I made it one of my “30 Days” entries.

My hope was that it would open people’s minds to the possibilities, and help them realize that biking is not limited to paved roads, and there’s adventure to be found everywhere along the way.

Lots of pics!

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