Autumn Photo Dump

This is a collection of photos I took during September, October, and November 2009. There were not a lot of big rides during this period, but a lot of memorable shorter excursions.

On a minimum-maintenance road near Paola, KS. Just wet enough for the mud to stick to the tires, but not muddy enough to gum up the works. 2009-09-24

On a minimum-maintenance road near Paola, KS. I love that the flower is in focus but the bike is not. 2009-09-24

Early Autumn color at the tree farm across the street from our house. 2009-09-30

Resting at a small pond in a suburban housing development in Overland Park, Kansas on a brilliantly bright sunny autumn day. 2009-10-05

Grasslands near Hillsdale Lake … love the tallgrass, especially the color this time of year (matches my shirt & bike!). 2009-10-18

Fiery fall color in the tree farm near our house. 2009-10-18

A mushroom peeking out of the leaf cover on a wet autumn day on the Hillsdale Lake Nature Trail. 2009-10-22

The trail guide brochure for the Hillsdale Lake Nature Trail refers to this as “snake condo”, a rock formation that is a favorite habitat for many reptiles such as timber rattlesnakes. Didn’t see any of those! 2009-10-22

On a minimum-maintenance road near Rantoul, KS. Despite the name, the road had been recently graded, and it was more dirt than rock, and a bit loose in places, but definitely rideable. 2009-10-24

By late afternoon the sun was replaced by clouds, but there were still sights to see, as on this prairie hilltop on a minimum-maintenance road west of Rantoul, KS. 2009-10-24

After a rainy month, there was a lot of water flowing through Cedar Creek in Olathe, Kansas. 2009-10-26

This is a rough bit of road near Osawatomie, Kansas. One end of the road had a “Minimum Maintenance Road” sign, and the other end said “Road Closed”. Either way, I couldn’t resist exploring it. 2009-11-05

On a hilltop in Miami County, Kansas between Paola and Osawatomie, looking out over the river valley. 2009-11-24

On Windsurfer Beach at Hillsdale Lake … yeah, it’s not exactly Hawaii, but nice enough in its own way. 2009-11-25

Sunset at Lone Elm Park near Olathe, KS (yes, there’s a bike hidden in there; I wanted to crawl up the tree and get a shot from there, but there were too many thorns!), 2009-11-27

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