Franklin/Anderson Counties, August 2nd

This ride was an opportunity to explore some country largely new to me. I parked in Ottawa and rode south through Greeley and Garnett. I really enjoyed this terrain, especially the section between Ottawa and Greeley, which was very rugged, with many dirt roads.

Middle Creek Bridge southeast of Ottawa. This was another case where the signs indicated the road was closed, but I just had to go and see for myself. Sure enough, the bridge was not only closed, but had no deck left at all. Oddly, Google Maps still showed this as a through road…

Taking a break at a low-water crossing in Franklin County, KS.

Picking Chickasaw Plums in Anderson County, KS. They weren’t quite ripe, but I gathered a few and carried them home. Good eating!

Fording a low-water crossing in Anderson County, KS. The water was just a bit too deep to ride across. To get this picture I had to ford the creek three times!

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