A Little Sore

After a few days off the bike, and a fairly fast-paced Wednesday group ride, I was surprised to find myself a bit of soreness in the quads prior to yesterday’s Lawrence River Trail ride.

Though that trail’s is fast and flowing, and not particularly tough on the body, I can feel the results today in the legs, particularly when climbing stairs. It’s a good feeling, though, to be back on the bike.

Not that my vacation was sedentary. In fact, it was rather active. I did a run one morning, kayaked a couple hours one day, did a bit of ocean swimming, climbed stairs, hiked (and climbed) a couple rough trails, and did lots of walking.

But it wasn’t the active stuff that got to me on the vacation, it was the standing around. Lots and lots of standing. That’s something I just don’t normally do, and I was definitely feeling the fatigue in the feet and legs. I even bought some new sandals (Croc Tikalis), which helped a lot, but didn’t altogether solve the problem.

But oh well, all that’s over now, and I’m back to the riding-and-working routine. The legs will be back to normal soon enough. They better be, as I have some long rides planned in the next few weeks (more info to follow).

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