Welcome To DirtBum

This is the DirtBum blog. I’m the bum, I ride dirt — gravel roads and trails. If you’re interested in a little background info on the site and on me read About DirtBum.

This site is primarily a personal blog, telling the stories of my bicycle rides on the back roads of Kansas. If that sounds cool, read on; if not, kindly move along.

The site may may also feature some some reviews and travelogues from time to time, though that’s not the primary focus of the site.

I am, at the time of this writing, mid-40’s in age, self-employed so I have a flexible schedule and am able to ride pretty much when the mood strikes me, as long as I’m willing to work at odd hours. My wife works a job with standard 8-5 hours, so she lovingly refers to me as a “bum” since I get to play while she’s working (never mind that I’m usually working while she’s sitting on the couch watching TV in the evenings). Works for me.

I’ve been riding bike for about 4 years now, after having fallen out of shape and gotten pudgy working a desk job for 20+ years. I still ride the office chair, but it’s now balanced by saddle time, and life is much nicer. Hope I never lose this self-employed gig, as I dread the thought of going back to the work-a-day world. But if I do, I hope that I’m at least working withing bicycle commuting distance!

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I enjoy riding bicycles all over -- city streets, suburbia, rural roads, gravel roads, dirt roads, rail-trails, and singletrack. I love exploring the countryside and finding the interesting and historical treasures hidden in plain sight. You can follow my rides on Strava.