PST Velo+ Meetup Metric Ride Planned for April 29

There’s a new bike shop opening in Iola in April, with a grand opening on April 29th. I put together plans for a little ride on that day: PST Velo+ Meetup Metric.

Anyone is welcome to accompany me, but this is a show-and-go, unsupported ride. I’m hoping to get in a dirty metric for the Cup O’ Dirt Challenge.

There’s a Velo+ group leaving from Lenexa at 7am, riding to Iola via the Prairie Spirit Trail. I’m planning to roll out from the Iola square at 8:30am and ride north on the trail, at a fairly brisk pace, to Scipio Road (about 30-some miles), meet up with the Velo+ riders, and escort them back to Iola for the store grand opening party. If I’ve guessed right on speeds, the meetup would be about 11am. If I’m running early, I’ll probably ride back to Garnett and wait at the depot trailhead for the Velo+ riders to show up. If I’m running late, I’ll just have to roll with it, and make up the miles later.

Should be fun!

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